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Lyn Slater – Accidental Icon

I'm following Accidental Icon for some time and I wanted to share this great energy that I have found there. In 2014 at an age when many people were retiring, Lyn Slater has launched a whole new career. At age of 60 she become style blogger, while maintaining a successful full-time career as a professor of law. Shortly after she started her journey with blogging, she was featured on Advanced Style, has collaborated with Uniqlo and Refinery29. Lyn started Accidental Icon because she had troubles with finding fashion blog or...


The Spitfirelabs And Their Tribute To Retrogaming

The Spitfirelabs is an artist duo, based in Brooklyn. Husband and Wife team with years of work in the visual effects community.  The company was founded in May of 2015 with the intention of producing high quality Laser engraved wood art pieces featuring their eclectic style that covers such mediums as Television, Movies, Video Games, Folklore, Mythology, and Pop Culture. As you can see in their latest project, they are paying tribute to retro-gaming, cult video games and pop culture with a collection of beautiful laser engraved woodwork. Mario Bros,...


Brexit Impact on Fashion Industry

There is no doubt that London is now the best place to shop luxury brands. You can buy here 64% of luxury brand in much lower prices than anywhere else in the world. This situation is clearly because of the low pound value, only from June fell as much 17 percent, which is definitely consequence of Brexit. What does it mean? Basically the capital of The United Kingdom is the best place to buy Louis Vuitton bags. Why?? Well as Harper's Bazaar checked for LV Speedy 30 in UK we...


Michael Kors street style campaign, The Walk

The IT girls in new Michael Kors campaign. New York based designer gathered four different women, on street style photoshoot, titled "The Walk". the campaign was shot on the streets of the Big Apple by celebrated photographer Tommy Ton and stars four contemporary style icons: Solange Knowles, Soo Joo Park, Nina Agdal and Princess Olympia of Greece. Those really strong women and fashion's top influencers in natural city style, presents different ways to wear outfits from the brand's Fall '16 ready-to-wear collection including the Brooklyn series handbag and Isadore satchel. via...


The most exciting part of fashion week, The Street Style !!!!

First Fashion Week in this season is almost over. During this upcoming month of fashion that just started in New York, street fashion is as important as fashion that we can see on catwalk. Artists, celebrities, bloggers, fashion editors from all over the world are preparing outfits months ahead, wishing that his or hers will be presented in publications entitled: best dressed at fashion week. If someone wants to aspire to this title for sure  needs to be creative. We selected some looks from New York Fashion Week, that was published...


“We all get dressed for Bill”

Bill Cunningham the legend of the street style photography, ascetic, passionate, genius. Anna Wintour ones said "We all get dressed for Bill". Bill Cunningham was one of very few people who loved fashion, but not because of money or fame. Famed for biking to events around the city always in a bright blue jacket, Cunningham starred in the 2010 documentary Bill Cunningham New York. A reluctant subject, he was shown going about his normal routine, capturing high society and street style alike. "Fashion is as vital and as interesting today...


Black and White World by Marco Guerra

Marco Guerra, Chilean photographer and director who lives and works in New York City. His work has been published by the likes of Conde Nast Traveller, Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, Bergdorf  Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Black Book, the New Yorker Magazine, and other publications. Guerra's work is a result of a multi pollinated cultural identity. His images are both abstract and figurative, as he addresses the narratives of distorted reality, traces,  repetition and condensing of time.   all photographs belongs to @Marco Guerra...


Michael Kors RTW Spring 2016

It hasn't been an easy year for Michael Kors. His competition is amped up, discounting is deep and his stock was down. Spring by Kors doesn't mean kid gloves, boning and tight, flower printed dresses. The lovable designer had more "earthy elegance" on his mind for his feminine spring collection. That means you can expect fluttery petaled flowers on dresses and offered sheer kicky pleats on dresses in classic red, blue, black and white. Wide black leather belts and grommets along skirts and hems provided strength.   via wwd.com...

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