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Method Studios are Taking us to the Next Level of Music Videos

Today we want to present a real treat for animations fans. Method Studios created great animation for a popular American electronic music band, Major Lazer. Method Studios remixed and filmed what we can easily name the technologically next-level video. This masterpiece is full of faceless figure dolling up some serious dance moves, while disassembling and re-constructing itself with various materials. Method Studios is an award-winning international visual effects group with facilities in Los Angeles, Vancouver, New York, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, London, Sydney and Melbourne. As an artist-driven company known for...



He is brilliant, he is young and he is Polish! First time you could hear his name because of Beyonce "End of Time" remix. He has won the competition and his remix you could hear on Beyonce  release - consisting of six tracks EP "4: THE REMIX". Jimek aka Radzimir Dębski is an Polish composer, conductor and producer. In a beginning of the year Jimke and Symphony Orchestra of the Polish Radio in Katowice, for the first time presented the hip-hop hits in symphonic arrangements. Feel free to watch more...