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Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz – pohotography

Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz was born in Poland, photographer who is mostly known for his high speed photography. Today I want to share his latest series which was inspired by the pin up girl style. Let's say that his version of pin up girl is more exciting! Model are dressed only in milk and it looks almost to perfect to be not illustrated. But no each photo is taken with real milk splashed across the models naked bodies. To create this spectacular effect Jaroslav had to learn splashed by making hundred of...


Breakfast idea

Ingredients: - 3 eggs - a glass of milk - 1 tomato - 3 mushrooms - Half of a small onion - Ham, salami - 1/4 red pepper - grated cheese - chives - fresh basil - herbs de Provence Add milk to the eggs, mix all together, season with salt, pepper and herbs. Put fried onions and mushrooms to the little bowls, add chopped ham and salami, and tailored basil and chives. Pour the whole mixture in to the bowls and sprinkle everything with grated cheese. Bake at 190 degrees 20...


Panna cotta in caprese style

Are you a little bit bored of an old fashion way serving your panna cotta? Here is some idea to impress your guests! Ingredients: - Half a glass of milk - Half a cup of cream 30% - Half a glass of water - 2 teaspoons vanilla sugar - 3 tablespoons of plain sugar - 3 teaspoons gelatine - Strawberries, raspberries Milk and cream, pour into a pot and heat up on low heat, add vanilla sugar and an ordinary one, mix and wait until the liquid begins to gently...