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Brexit Impact on Fashion Industry

There is no doubt that London is now the best place to shop luxury brands. You can buy here 64% of luxury brand in much lower prices than anywhere else in the world. This situation is clearly because of the low pound value, only from June fell as much 17 percent, which is definitely consequence of Brexit. What does it mean? Basically the capital of The United Kingdom is the best place to buy Louis Vuitton bags. Why?? Well as Harper's Bazaar checked for LV Speedy 30 in UK we...


20 Fall’s Best Bags

Handbag...can you imagine life without it? History of handbags dates back to even the sixteenth century and for centuries resembled a simple bag. The changes came along with second half of the nineteenth century and there are strictly related to change in the Women social status. We became more bolder, we travelled more often and we were more aware of our needs. In a response to those needs, the two biggest brand Louis Vuitton and Hermes are creating a special line. From this time on we can observe experimentation with...


The most popular handbags online

We are living in a world where popularity is measured by Facebook likes or Instagram followers, but now Credit Suisse created something more precise. Company has released an index "brand moment”, which collects on-line data to determine which brands are most popular on-line. Position in the ranking depends on how often people speak about particular brand in on-line media, blogs and chat rooms. After 27 months of, up until June 2014 their findings are pretty interesting. Vanessa Friedman from the New York Times has done a comprehensive review of the report. The top brands in order are Ralph Lauren,...

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Logo illustrations by Mike Frederiqo

In today's world logo brand matters. We love them, we like to brag about them. Mike Frederiqo proposed a new look of the most known brands logo. "Logos by Mike Frederiqo” is a project created by this dutch artist, who started his carrier from tattooing and making graffiti. But soon he turned his attention to painting and designing. His first project is the Bape’s Soup. Feel free to follow his fanpage on facebook.           pictures from: http://trendland.com...


Fashion Toys for Big Boys

We are celebrating "Men's Day". So if someone doesn't have an idea for a gift, we come up with few fashion toys that maybe your men wants. We tried to mix some funny, fashionable and original ideas, but that's just our vision of what boys wants to get (besides the obvious of course). Enjoy and Happy Men's Day!   # Leather Tablet Case   # Louis Vuitton Bag Men's Accessories Autumn/Winter 2013   # Louis Vuitton Backpack Men's Accessories Autumn/Winter 2013   # Ernest Alexander Bag   # Elegant Laptop Case amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0";...


At the Louis Vuitton Men’s Spring/Summer 2014 Fashion Show

Because of our summer blog break I forgot to share a new LV spring collection for 2014. Besides great accessories like bags and watches, ivent important because of well known guests. In the first row David Beckham - best face to advertise cotton underwear (new collection in H&M :)). Just take a look!                                ...


Louis Vuitton -Timeless Muses exhibition

If you are planning visiting Tokyo, from saturday on Louis Vuitton is taking over the city! From August 31 to September 23  you can see Timeless Muses exhibition dedicated to the iconic women from the arts, fashion, nobility, stage and screen. The showcase will pay homage to six women Kate Moss, Sofia Coppola, Catherine Deneuve, novelist Françoise Sagan, architect Charlotte Perriand and Eugénie de Montijo.  All of those women boldly marked the times in which they lived.    Below you can see the teaser with women who have inspired the French luxury...


“The Bling Ring” by Sofia Coppola

"The Bling Ring" is probably one of the most expected movies this year. Sofia Coppola director of such movies as Marie Antoinette, Somewhere or Lost in Translation, this time was inspired by history of a American teenagers group. "The Bling Ring" is a name of a California's gang, which become famous after series of burglaries in to the celebrities houses. In total, they stole designer clothes, accessories and jewelry worth  3,000,000 $ from such celebrities as Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Megan Fox and Orlando Bloom. The whole story was published in Vanity...

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