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Animal Sculptures by Sean E. Avery

Sean E Avery is an Australian artist and writer-illustrator but also an sculptor, best known from his animal sculptures made from CDs and electronic waste. Pictures of his work have appeared in publications all around the world, and many private collectors and galleries have purchased his animals for display. Sean also created a sweet story about friendship and trying a new things titled, All Monkeys Love Bananas. For more information please visit seaneavery.com .             pictures from: tribehouse.org, seaneavery.com, inool.com, bizarrebeyondbelief.com...


“Selfie Fables” by Simona Bonafini

Let's be honest, at least once a day we all check Instagram or other social media. Internet is full of Celebrities Selfies but let's face it if They could have an Instagram, they'd be all over it. Italian artist Simona Bonafini created an funny and amazing series, “Selfie Fables". She showed us how the social media feeds of a variety of your favorite Disney characters might look like. Bonafini pieces have a hand-drawn feel and they are pretty awesome. Just check out Hercules, for example - dudebro who spends every...


Nate Van Dyke

Nate Van Dyke is an artist and illustrator who began his adventure with drawing at the age of two and he didn't said his last word yet. To create those characteristic pieces he is using: pencil, ink, marker, watercolor, gauche, acrylic and oils. Regardless of what medium he picks up, his signature style can be seen in the contrast of his thin and thick lines in his pen and ink work and the high sheen contrast in his mixed media pieces. Van Dyke is a full time illustrator and artist. His...


Illustrations by Ale Giorgini

This Italian artist has worked for several big names like for example Foot Locker, MTV, Warner Bros., Vibe Magazine, Emirates, Sony Pictures. One of his illustrations will be the cover of the game "the walking dead" Italia. He had exhibition and performance all over the world. Before i found his homepage and many more creative artwork I was impressed by his movie posters. In his work he is using geometric shapes to create a composition. Like he said he always chooses movies with many characters as this allows him to...


Greg Guillemin – Secret Life of Superheroes

Welcome into the world of Greg Guillemin superheroes, where iconic characters doing things we just never expect them to do. Did you know that Ariel the Little Mermaid, likes sushi or Batman is bisexual? No? You know what? me either! This series of neo-comic book art is created by Greg Guillemin.                pictires: studiosevenart.co.uk, theonlymagicleftisart.com, lostateminor.com, studiosevenart.co.uk http://www.lostateminor.com/2013/11/09/even-heroes-have-secret-vices-2/ http://studiosevenart.co.uk/artwork/super-bogie/...


Marni and Katja Schwalenberg Collaboration

Is not a secret that from time to time fashion likes to play with art. This time fashion meets art in a new Marni project. In this project fashion house collaborated with German illustrator and graphic designer Katja Schwalenberg for the 2014 Marni Summer Edition. The partnership led to the creation a series of lino-cut prints, featuring sharp lines and precise elements, which were then transferred onto totes and handbags, cotton shirts and jersey T-shirts. As you can see below Katja's graphic prints added unexpected and naïve touch to the...


Chow Hon Lam illustration

Those clever and  funny graphics are created by Malaysian artist Chow Hon Lam. He is a t-shirt designer and most of all modern  legend over at Threadless, where you can buy his designs. Finding humor in strange places and transforming it into funny wearable items is his speciality. Chow Hon Lam aka Flying Mouse just completed his project called Flying Mouse 365, which was created 1 design per day for 365 days in a year. Chow is currently working and collaborating with AirAsia, Nike, Lotus F1, MARTELL VSOP, KLUE, and Dave Matthews Band....


Cartoon Characters in Anatomy Lesson by Chris Panda

This great X-ray series is created by French illustrator and comic artist. Chris Panda has turned famous cartoon characters in anatomy lesson. This simple but fun series involving characters like Batman, Bambi, Donald, Spider- Man. Just take a look! For more visit Chris Panda      pictures from: Chris Panda...

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