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chicken tortilla wraps

There are thousand ways to prepare your own tortilla wraps. Everybody has his favourite style. This is how my full of taste tortillas look like! Share also your perfect tortillas in comment bellow....


Mexican tart

Ingredients: Tart recipe here filling: - minced meat - 2 cans of tomatoes (pelatti) - 1 can red beans - 1 large onion - 4 cloves of garlic or garlic powder - 250 g mushrooms - spices: pepper, salt, chili and herbs what do u need more?: - guacamole - natural yoghurt - iceberg lettuce - mozzarella cheese (grated) guacamole: - 1 avocado - red onion - 1 tomato - salt and pepper - juice of half a lime Tart (recipe here) enriched with paprika which gives it the red color. Fry...