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The Foodnited States Of America

I was wondering how people come up with some ideas that push them to do amazing stuff and actually it was more simple than I could imagine. Chris Durso the founder of the site Foodiggity.com has explained it in an article were we can read: "It began innocently enough with, “Dad… What if you made States, but like, they were made of food, like?” My response was something along the lines of, “That’s been done to death already, son… Go to bed.” Then, the heir to the Foodiggity empire added, “But what...


Fat & Furious – Special Burgers

How awesome is that?! Force behind Fat & Furious Burger, delicious website are two french graphics designers known as Quentin and Thoma. "We were so bored of random food at lunch, so we started cooking together,"- they said. "It soon became a kind of a ritual: improvising and experimenting new ways of cooking a burger." Even if it's really hard to imagine eating some of the pair's concoctions, I can say that is the best burgers I ever seen.               pictures from: http://fatandfuriousburger.com/...