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Our Favorite Animal Cartoon Characters in Their Very Own Human Form

Who doesn't love cartoons? This magical world teaches kids, important social values. One of the most obvious manifestations of this magic is the fact that talking animals appear in so many of them. Authors often use animal characters as representations of human nature. Did you ever wonder, how those characters would look like if they where drawn as a human? If yes you are not the only one! Editors from Bright Side put this wonder in action and created series of cartoon characters. Take a look.       Illustrated...


Julio Cesar Turned Photos of Random People In To a Funny Illustration

Julio Cesar is a Brazilian artist whose latest funny series of portraits are flooding the internet. Julio based his digital illustrations on the photos of random people. His illustrations through vibrant colors and subtle lines look like their about to come to life. If you like to see more of Julio's artwork check his profile on deviantart.com and Facebook!       all illustration belong to @JulioCesar...