style crush – Pharrell Williams

He just turned 41 and seems like this is the best year in his career. No one can’t get enough of his music, because happy is the best beginning of the day. After almost 20 years making hits for others, he’s finally become the guy himself. The hits come with his name on them now.

But today we forgot about his talent and make a closer look to his awesome fashion sense. Here we have some of his outfits that prove he’s one of the coolest celebrities.



pharell004 pharell006 pharell007 pharell008 pharell009 pharell010 pharell011 pharell012 pharell013 pharell014 pharell015 pharell016 pharell017 pharell018 pharell019 pharell020 pharell021 pharell022 pharell023 pharell024 pharell025 pharell026 pharell027 pharell028 pharell029 pharell001 pharell002 pharell003



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