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street art – L7m

l7n 006

L7m was born in the countryside of São Paulo, Brazil. Like most of artist his adventure with art started very early. As a child he has participated in many art contest and also had won many awards. Spray helped him discovered new paint technique. Today this new experience L7m is mixing with china ink, latex, pastel and acrylic to created this incredible pieces of art.


l7n 002

l7n 003

l7n 004

l7n 005

l7n 007

l7n 008

l7n 009

l7n 010

l7n 011

l7n 012

l7n 013

l7n 014

l7n 015

l7n 016

l7n 017

l7n 018

l7n 019

l7n 001


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