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street art – iNO

On his homepage you can not find many information about him but his artwork speak for him. iNO was born in Greece and studied Fine Arts. His work has been invading the streets since 2000. Whenever you will find on the street impressive monochrome murals with smoky and loose effect you can be sure that is  iNO. His work has deeper meaning like his mural in his hometown Athens, Greece. “Wake up” mural is based on an image of resurrection, in which god grabs a dead man’s hand and brings him into life. He was also invited by The Onassis Cultural Center to decorate the exterior wall of their building for the “No Respect” exhibition. The artwork is titled “Creasing” and represents a crumpled piece of paper with a face emerging from it. Feel free to visit iNO homepage !

iNO05 iNO06 iNO07 iNO08 iNO09 iNO10 iNO11 iNO12 iNO13 iNO14 iNO15 iNO16 iNO01 iNO02 iNO03 iNO04


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