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street art – Aryz

Aryz –  you definitely need to remember this name! This spanish artist is slowly but surely becoming a household name. By using spray paint and paint rollers he creates stunning, intricately detailed works.


Just like about every other street artist there is not a lot of information about Aryz. What do we know? This brilliant young artist was born in Barcelona and begins his career on a summer day with some friends.


Aryz in his work enjoys using classic street art tools such as brushes, spray paint, rollers. He enjoys also painting in abandoned factories because people avoid bothering him there and factories at the same time offers a perfect location because of their huge walls and varied surfaces.This artist prefer to create large character murals. His artwork often includes strange arranged gigantic creatures and emotional mixtures expressing at the same time rawness and tenderness. In his work we can find also vibrant, cool colors which create fantastic atmospheres resembling those of science fiction.


Aryz is one of those artist that paints simply for the sake of painting,  his passions for it is his biggest motivation. I think that is the main reason why  he is unsure of what to call his art. Some define it as graffiti, while others consider it street art. For me is pure art.


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