The Rihanna x Stance Socks Collection

Take a look at new Rihanna and  Stance Socks Collection. The new collection of socks from Rihanna and Stance includes the newspaper-style design, and there’s also a pair with stacks of money, toe socks with phrases like “broke bitch” and “bitch what” and pair with candy stripes, Halloween-esque designs with ghouls, bats and witches hands.

The standout socks are meant to represent Rihanna’s own incredibly unique style. “When you’re the music industry’s reigning Original Bad Gal, everybody wants a piece,” the product’s copy reads. Adding that these collaborative socks come “from the mind of a muse who knows what it means to call the shots.”

Check out the video where RiRi is directing a shoot for the socks. You can buy this collection at

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Rihanna x Stance Socks Collection 01


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