Rich McCor and his clever cut outs photography

Taking photos of famous landmarks when you are travelling is basically like brushing your teeth in the morning. Everyone does that more or less in the same way. The fun part starts when someone is doing the job more creatively. Just like Londoner – Rich McCor aka Paperboyo figured out his unique style of photographing places that he was travelling into. It all started with British landmarks that McCor photographed with whimsical paper cut outs.
28 year old Rich McCor creative agency worker, started this original photo series for the amusement of himself and friends. But when you create your own unique style people will notice and media as well. When “Daily Mail” publicized some of his photos his Insagram profile went from 5,000 followers to 60,000 in a week.
Check out my selection of his photos and definitely visit Paperboyo for more!

Rich McCor 01 Rich McCor 02 Rich McCor 03 Rich McCor 04 Rich McCor 05 Rich McCor 06 Rich McCor 07 Rich McCor 08 Rich McCor 09 Rich McCor 10 Rich McCor 11 Rich McCor 12 Rich McCor 13



pictures via paperboyo


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