Red Valentino – spring/summer pre collection 2014

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Little bit too sweet, little bit naive but retaining the timeless and elegant essence of Valentino.Great Fashion House by creating Red Valentino line is trying to attract a more youthful and contemporary audience. I’m not really sure if that is a look of 21st-century girl – like I have read in some of a collection reviews – but maybe because look of baby doll is not really my thing. However I have to admit that besides pastels that we can see in almost every spring collection, Valentino Red captures the subtle beauty and grace. Those girly silhouettes are delicately built upon A-line skirts and cardigans that can be transitioned through seasons, but also grown-up accent like a subtle thistle print. 


Valention ps008


Valention ps007 Valention ps001 Valention ps002 Valention ps003 Valention ps004 Valention ps005 Valention ps006

Valention ps009 Valention ps010 Valention ps011 Valention ps012




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