Zoë Jordan Ready To Wear Autumn/Winter 2015

I just discovered British contemporary womenswear brand Zoë Jordan. like you can see below Zoë’s design style is all about clean lines, fresh palettes, and boyish elegance. Her collection is an great example for art of contrasts. Jordan is balancing here the androgynous with the feminine, the structured with the effortless, and the classical with the modern. Luxurious fabrics which from whole line is made are sourced from the finest European mills and leather details are threaded throughout. Revolutionising knitwear is total must-haves for every occasion! See more and buy a lot at

Zoe Jordan 05 Zoe Jordan 06 Zoe Jordan 07 Zoe Jordan 08 Zoe Jordan 09 Zoe Jordan 10 Zoe Jordan 11 Zoe Jordan 12 Zoe Jordan 01 Zoe Jordan 02 Zoe Jordan 03 Zoe Jordan 04

all photos belong to @Zoë Jordan

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