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Preparing For Your Board Meeting

managing a board of directors is time-consuming, difficult and requires a lot effort. Luckily, a lot of the old manual procedures that were once required (sending materials to the board as well as recording attendance, writing minutes and arranging meetings via teleconferencing) have been digitized making it easier to prepare for your meeting.

The first step to prepare for your board meeting is to think about the most important topics to be discussed, and then develop a preliminary agenda. This agenda should be mailed out to all participants, and ideally include the financials of the company as well as any presentation material that needs to be reviewed prior to the meeting. This allows your board members to be more prepared for discussion at the meeting, and eliminates the need to spend the majority of your board meeting discussing specifics that could have been covered in advance.

The pre-meeting pack should include any reports that the committee chair or other members have prepared ahead of the time that the board will meet. Also, you should make any changes, additions or corrections to the previous minutes that you have approved and distribute them to review and distribution. Also, make sure you prepare a draft of your minutes of the current meeting while they are still fresh in your mind.

The day prior to your board meeting, remove all public notices of the meeting and verify that the space check it out is available and accessible. It should also be equipped with the AV equipment you require. Be sure to invite all directors to the meeting, and give them a ways to attend, whether in person or remotely.

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