Portraits by Robert DeJesus

Robert DeJesus is an famous comic illustrator and character designer. He has worked for publishers such as Antarctic Press, Dark Horse, Marvel, Radio Comix, HarperCollins, and Wayforward. Probably most known for designing and drawing Banzai Chibi Chan for PlayStation Magazine.
What I’m presenting you today is something much more personalized. For all comics fan but only! Robert DeJesus portraits project is something that you all can have. All you have to do is visit his profile HERE and follow the leads there.

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robert026 robert027 robert001 robert002 robert003 robert004  robert006 robert007  robert009 robert010 robert011 robert012 robert013 robert014 robert015 robert016  robert018 robert019 robert020 robert021 robert022 robert023 robert024 robert025

robert003 robert004 robert005 robert006 robert007 robert001 robert002




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