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Today we want to present another great brand. Loft 37 is a shoemaker company but more like a joint collaboration of two, long-time friends, Joanna and Paulina, who understand one another without words. They have love for beautiful things, including shoes, and passion for creating. So, they made a decision to combine their enthusiasm and experience together and designed a shop with exceptional Loft37 shoes.

Joanna is a former lawyer and Paulina is a painter, interior designer and decorator. Together, they have boundless energy, express great creativity and are eager to develop continuously. Every season, they design shoes made from the highest quality of materials: leathers and other fabrics. They follow fashion trends closely and introduce luxury shoe products into European market that are irresistible for every fashion-conscious woman.

Loft37 is one of pioneering shoemakers that introduced shoe personalisation, thus allowing customers to turn a simple pair of shoes into their work of art. Take a look at this green collection, for more visit Loft 37

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