Michael Kors spring/summer 2015

Another fresh proposition from NYFW. This time one and only Michael Kors. Probably already love him because of his great accessories collection but this time I want to show you his new spring collection. Michael created a look inspired by 1950s summer. During the interview he admit that for him this was unbelievably optimistic time.
This collection is full of joyous ballet-length skirts and flippy short dresses, waists are gently nipped in with crocodile corsage belts. Designer also shows how to wear transparency in real life – just mixed them with long, mannish shirt. I like this spring collection, but well I’m not really objective I just love Michael Kors!


kors01 kors02 kors03 kors04 kors05 kors06 kors07 kors08 kors09 kors10


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