Mascarpone cake

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It’s an easy to make mascarpone cake

– 1 packet of biscuits
– 250g mascarpone
– 350g greek yoghurt
– juice from 1 orange
– 80g sugar
– 1/3 tablets of dark chocolate
– 6 tablespoons gelatin

Mascarpone, sugar, yoghurt and lemon juice should be carefully mix. Melt the gelatin in a little amount of water, add to the curd and mix thoroughly. Chocolate, finely cut and gently distribute in the mass.
We prepare cake tin with a diameter of about 15cm, put the crushed cookies on the bottom and whole one on sides. Fill it with cheese and put in the fridge for a few hours.
Before serving, decorate the cake strawberries and oranges.

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    Wygląda tak smacznie i pięknie! Pyszny przepis;)

  2. Takie proste, a takie efektowne! Super!

  3. Pięknie się prezentuje, świeżo, orzeźwiająco i smacznie !

  4. carolcavaler

    Małe dzieło sztuki 🙂 Mniammmmmm

  5. carolcavaler

    Proszę o uruchomienie newslettera. Chciałabym otrzymywać powiadomienia o nowych postach. Mogę się gdzieś zarejestrować 🙂

  6. Hi Tom. Can I order one cake with mascarpone please ? It look very appetizing and I’m sure is very tasty. Can be delivered in Bucharest ?

    • Sure you can order one, but it can be only picked-up in Vienna:) wenn do you want it to be ready?:)

      • With God will in July or August. You’ll be very busy because I won’t eat anything from now on. So you should be prepared !!!!!!

        • Very good! so im starting to prepare everything. I begin my exile in June:) so i’ll be waiting:D

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