Magda Butrym lookbook spring/summer 2015

Poland doesn’t have huge designing tradition but sure can be proud of young brand and designers. Magda Butrym is definitely good example. This Polish luxury ready-to-wear brand was founded in 2014 by designer Magdalena Butrym and business partner Aleksandra Halemba. In this line you can observe how designer combines contemporary cutting-edge design with traditional Polish craftsmanship. Butrym is using high-end fabrics, many of which come from the best Italian manufacturers. The brand’s knitted and woven garments are made by hand, and the signature leathers are hand-plaited. Our craftsmen come from Podhale, Silesia and Warsaw. Their commitment and passion are reflected in the garments they make, as each product is carefully crafted with unique details. In Spring/Summer 2015 collection we can find cinematography inspiration. Especially actresses style of the 60s and 70s.
” It was a period of “liberation” custom, women began to dress in an authentic way. For the first time they were no longer worried about what kind of image of themselves they should presented, when they were going out.” – said the designer.
For those who more important is a celebrity opinion, I have to say that in one of her pieces Kim Kardashian was photographed! Take a look and for more info visit and let’s pray for quick online shop opening.

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