Kristina Webb Definitely One Creative Girl

Is hard to believe but this New Zealand artist is only 19-year-old. Kristina Webb complemented her vibrant drawings by using 3D objects. As a base to create those realistic-style portraits, Kristina is using a colored pencils and then completes them with unexpected objects like spaghetti, butterflies. Those things in one moment turn in to woman’s hair or stunning dress. Artist is using bright unsaturated colors, creates fantastic compositions that take us straight into the fairy-tale world. 
Although Kristina Webb is still young, she definitely made a name for herself. She is active on social media and has an avid following, she has drawn portraits for well-known celebrities such as Cody Simpson, Tyra Banks or Lauren Conrad. Kristina recently has also released her own book called Color Me Creative: Unlock Your Imagination. If you like what you see visit, were you can find more of Kristina’s works and maybe buy some of it.

visit facebook, @colour_me_creative

 Kristina Webb 03 Kristina Webb 04 Kristina Webb 05 Kristina Webb 06 Kristina Webb 07 Kristina Webb 08 Kristina Webb 09 Kristina Webb 10 Kristina Webb 11 Kristina Webb 01 Kristina Webb 02

images ©Kristina Webb


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