Humorous illustrations by Angel Boligán Corbo

Take a look at our selection of Angel Boligán Corbo artwork! Boligán is a Cuban artists born on 10th of May in San Antonio de los Baños, Havana. He studied at The National School of Plastic Arts Instructors in Havana, from which he graduated in 1987 as a Teacher of Plastic Arts.Since 1992 he was living in Mexico, where he worked as Editorial Cartoonist in the newspaper El Universal, El Chamuco journals, Foreign Affairs Latinoamérica and various international media.
Boligán is a founder of the CARTONCLUB agency (El Club de la Caricatura Latina). Member of the International Union of cartoonists CAGLECARTOONS, INC. of E.Unidos.
Member of the international group Cartooning for Peace based in Paris.
Member of the National National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (U.N.E.A.C). If you take a look a his artwork you will see that he is cultivating  all branches of graphic humour to draw the viewer’s attention on important political and social events. Boligán for his cartoon creations was awarded more then 120 various prizes and mentions at international cartoon contests.

Angel Boligan Corbo 01 Angel Boligan Corbo 02 Angel Boligan Corbo 03 Angel Boligan Corbo 04 Angel Boligan Corbo 05 Angel Boligan Corbo 06 Angel Boligan Corbo 07 Angel Boligan Corbo 08 Angel Boligan Corbo 09 Angel Boligan Corbo 10

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