Homemade bread


– 20g fresh yeast or 1 tablespoon of dried
– 1/2 of flour
– 4 tablespoons of bran
– 4 tablespoons of flaxseed
– 4 tablespoons sunflower
– Teaspoon salt
– 400 ml of warm water
– 1 teaspoon of sugar to leaven
Prepare leaven (yeast dissolve in 2 tablespoons of warm water with a teaspoon of sugar). Wait until the yeast will begin to work. In the case of dry yeast add it to the rest of the ingredients without leaven. Mix the remaining ingredients in a large bowl with water and yeast leaven and leave preferably at night in a warm place to rise. Bowl must be covered with a clean cloth or lid. After 12 hours, mix the dough and set aside to continue rising for about 1,5-2 hours. Then Warm up the oven to 240 degrees with an oven-proof dish in it (capacity of about 4-5 liters). When the oven is heated gently pull out the casserole and translate the dough into it. Cover with a lid or aluminum foil and bake for 30 minutes. After this time taken off the lid for about five minutes, and then cover again. The total baking time is 1 hour. After baking the bread he must be removed from the vessel and set aside to cool on a grid. Yes baked crusty bread is ludicrous.


bread 01 bread 02 bread 03

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