Hilarious Dog Portraits by Christian Vieler

Who doesn’t love dogs? I’m a huge fan of pictures and short movies that you can find all over the Internet. That’s why I’m thrilled to present a series created by German photographer Christian Vieler. He created a hilarious photos of dogs trying to catch food. Christian was able to captured the many faces of doggies depicting such emotions as excitement, sadness or confusion.
This 45 years old journalist started to become interested in photography in 2012 with a purchase of a new camera. I’m pretty sure that Christian Vieler can be great example for those who are thinking about doing something instead of doing it! Like he admit some of the shoots are pretty good, some not and a few are really gorgeous. Take a look at his work and don’t forget to visit his Facebook to see more of his hilarious photos., 500pxInstagram


christian-vieler-01 christian-vieler-02 christian-vieler-03 christian-vieler-04 christian-vieler-05 christian-vieler-06 christian-vieler-07 christian-vieler-08 christian-vieler-09 christian-vieler-10 christian-vieler-11 christian-vieler-12 christian-vieler-13 christian-vieler-14 christian-vieler-15 christian-vieler-16 christian-vieler-17


photos @Christian Vieler



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