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The fitness method gyms don’t want you to know about

I hate working out, It’s literally my nightmare but unfortunately I’m not what we can call naturally skinny so from time to time I have to move my lazy butt. Happily the adult website Pornhub has launched BangFit, a platform designed to help its users losing weight by making love, through connected sex and a naughty fitness program. Crazy? hmm…. maybe, but most of all really creative marketing. So back to the topic, the application that you can download to your smartphone will help you count the points and analyse your performance, as the number of calories burned. What you need is a special belt to attach your smartphone :). Maybe it’s hope for those who want be ready before summer?
Let’s be honest, this new Pornhub campaign is totally ridiculous and useless but in the same time really funny.

BangFit 01 BangFit 02 BangFit 03 BangFit 04 BangFit 05 BangFit 06

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