First Burberry Café in London

Burberry is just expanding its activities and moves interest in to British cuisine. World famous brand recently opened in London, its first Café in the world! The location in this case is also not a coincidence, it is situated in London at 121 Regent Street.

Named after brand founder Thomas Burberry, Thomas’s Café has been very carefully designed. The whole consists of two floors rest area. High ceilings, black and white marble floors, black chandeliers and large windows overlooking the Sackville Street. This is why you definitely should visit Thomas’s Café. In the same time Burberry is joining the ranks of Gucci, Armani and Roberto Cavalli.

In the daily menu we will definitely find British cuisine with an emphasis on components from local producers. Café serves all-day British fare, including whole lobster and chips, Mersea Rock oysters and Sutton Hoo chicken salad, as well as your choice of afternoon tea or champagne.

In the gifting section of Thomas’s Café flagship store, where we can pick from a selection of home furnishings, stationery and travel accessories, you can have personalized on the spot through embroidery or leather embossing.

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