Fashion Toys for Big Boys

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We are celebrating “Men’s Day”. So if someone doesn’t have an idea for a gift, we come up with few fashion toys that maybe your men wants. We tried to mix some funny, fashionable and original ideas, but that’s just our vision of what boys wants to get (besides the obvious of course). Enjoy and Happy Men’s Day!

toy 004

toy 007

Leather Tablet Case

toy 023

Louis Vuitton Men’s Accessories Autumn/Winter 2013

toy 024

Louis Vuitton Men’s Accessories Autumn/Winter 2013

toy 013

toy 044

Ernest Alexander Bag

toy 020

La Portenga elegant laptop case

toy 043

wool flat pack

toy 006

phone pouch

toy 002

5 Pack of Cord Tacos

toy 012

toy 041

Unique wedding band

toy 001

something for real man old school Shaving Set

toy 030

open leather bangele ton by Amy Fine

toy 031

Philip Grangi Cuffs

toy 018

toy 003

Han Kjobenhavn Sunglasses

toy 022

Louis Vuitton Men’s Accessories Autumn/Winter 2013

toy 033


toy 037

Tom Ford frames

toy 038

Tom Ford Sunglasses

toy 028

Oliver Peoples – The Sir Series


toy 009

toyn 004

Superhero Cufflinks

toyn 005

typewriter cufflinks

toyn 001

Breaking Bad Cufflinks

toyn 003

Heisenberg cufflinks

toy 025

Louis Vuitton watch case

toy 039


Great product from a famous watch manufacturer Breitling.


toy 016

Flud Watches – The Exchange Wood Watch in Gold Oak

toy 015

Fancy – MB HM4 Thunderbolt Watch

toy 021

Fossil – liquid wood watch design

toy 027




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  1. Where could I see “elegant laptop case”? The only thing that could make this article better is prices. When you see posts about brands like Saddleback, Armani, Von Baer you generally know theiir prices, but I didn’t see any price here. Can someone please provide a link to “elegant laptop case”?

    • hi Adam, thanks for your comment, this case cost 282,80€ and it’s produced by La Portenga,

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