The most exciting part of fashion week, The Street Style !!!!

First Fashion Week in this season is almost over. During this upcoming month of fashion that just started in New York, street fashion is as important as fashion that we can see on catwalk. Artists, celebrities, bloggers, fashion editors from all over the world are preparing outfits months ahead, wishing that his or hers will be presented in publications entitled: best dressed at fashion week. If someone wants to aspire to this title for sure  needs to be creative.
We selected some looks from New York Fashion Week, that was published at the biggest fashion portals. Take a look.

nyfw-street-style-01 nyfw-street-style-02 nyfw-street-style-03 nyfw-street-style-04 nyfw-street-style-05 nyfw-street-style-06 nyfw-street-style-07 nyfw-street-style-08 nyfw-street-style-09 nyfw-street-style-10 nyfw-street-style-11 nyfw-street-style-12 nyfw-street-style-13 nyfw-street-style-14 nyfw-street-style-15 nyfw-street-style-16 nyfw-street-style-17 nyfw-street-style-18 nyfw-street-style-19 nyfw-street-style-20 nyfw-street-style-21 nyfw-street-style-22 nyfw-street-style-23 nyfw-street-style-24 nyfw-street-style-25 nyfw-street-style-26 nyfw-street-style-27 nyfw-street-style-28 nyfw-street-style-29 nyfw-street-style-30 nyfw-street-style-31 nyfw-street-style-32 nyfw-street-style-33 nyfw-street-style-34 nyfw-street-style-35 nyfw-street-style-36

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