Drone Aerial Photography Contest 2015

Second year in a row, Dronestagram and National Geographic teamed up for the 2015 Drone Aerial Photography Contest. This contest is an proof how quickly aerial photography with a drone has become a full discipline, is also the prefect way to see the beauty but, often, also the quirkiness of our world. Drone photography also reveals things that we’d never see while standing on the ground, as an example we can show winning images. This year Drone Aerial Photography Contest 2015 brought together more than 5000 photographs from around the world, as a result we can see beautiful images taken by amateurs and professionals. Take a look!

DroneContest20150021st Prize Winner Category Nature © Tahitiflyshoot

DroneContest20150031st Prize Winner Category Places © Ricardo Matiello

DroneContest20150011st Prize Winner Category Dronies © FlyovermediaCy

DroneContest20150042nd Prize Winner Category Nature © Kdilliard

DroneContest20150052nd Prize Winner Category places © Wanaiifilms

DroneContest20150062nd Prize Winner Popular Prizes © Ice Fire

DroneContest20150073rd Prize Winner Category Nature © Marama Photo Video

DroneContest20150083rd Prize Winner Category places ©

DroneContest20150093rd Prize Winner Popular Prizes © Wootsor


and little bit mor of amazing photos…

DroneContest2015011© AmbroseLune

DroneContest2015015© Imagens Arriba

DroneContest2015017© Postandfly

DroneContest2015016© Lucas Hourton




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