Dolce & Gabbana Limited Edition ‘Portofino’ Capsule Collection

Dolce & Gabbana released a new capsule collection inspired by warm summer colours suitable for a comfortable day look. The collection of accessories will be featured by scarf with prints depicting flowers and the atmosphere of seaside resort around the world.
Dolce_Gabbana 01

Last month Dolce & Gabbana has presented another limited collection inspired by Italian town of Portofino. Prints of its vibrant streets, beautiful piazza and charming landscapes take over the collection. “Portofino” collection includes pencil skirts, mini dresses, evening gowns, long skirts in twill and poplin sundresses. In addition to beachwear pieces you can find also beach bags, mini bags for smartphones, colourful espadrilles and sandals. Whole collection is available exclusively through Net-A-Porter’s on-line boutique.

Dolce_Gabbana 11Dolce_Gabbana 08 Dolce_Gabbana 09 Dolce_Gabbana 10 Dolce_Gabbana 01 Dolce_Gabbana 02 Dolce_Gabbana 03 Dolce_Gabbana 04 Dolce_Gabbana 05 Dolce_Gabbana 06 Dolce_Gabbana 07


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