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Conducting a Board of Directors Meeting

A board of directors meeting is a fantastic opportunity for your organization’s leaders discuss the future of the company, make important decisions and establish corporate policies. The success of your meetings is contingent on the quality of the discussions and how strong your board is. Board meetings enable you to keep track of the progress of your organization and establish the most important performance indicators.

A well-designed agenda will facilitate discussions between your board members and keep the meetings efficient, productive and on track. Directors must be prepared for every board meeting by reviewing the agenda and board papers distributed prior to the meeting. This is a standard practice and ensures that each director is able to participate in productive discussions.

The moment the meeting begins, the chair should open the meeting by confirming that a quorum is present. This is usually done through the roll-call method, which will identify the people who are present in order to legally conduct business.

The board will then take note of reports from standing committees and special committees. The board members will have the opportunity to pose questions and discuss the information presented. Based on the topic, the board may be able to come to a decision right away or it may need more time to research the issue to find the best solution.

Directors must respect the opinions of each other and refrain from using whispering, body language or notes that undermine someone else’s opinions. Directors should also pay attention and only speak up when they are required to speak.

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