Chow Hon Lam illustration


Those clever and  funny graphics are created by Malaysian artist Chow Hon Lam. He is a t-shirt designer and most of all modern  legend over at Threadless, where you can buy his designs. Finding humor in strange places and transforming it into funny wearable items is his speciality. Chow Hon Lam aka Flying Mouse just completed his project called Flying Mouse 365, which was created 1 design per day for 365 days in a year.
Chow is currently working and collaborating with AirAsia, Nike, Lotus F1, MARTELL VSOP, KLUE, and Dave Matthews Band. Like he said he hopes his designs can bring some smiles to the world.

“I believe that everything should have a story behind it, no matter if they are an object, an animal or food,” says Lam. “I always try to create a story for them. I guess they must have something to say, but they just can’t speak. Trust me, I try to communicate with them!

“Actually all the ideas don’t come easy, I hope people can enjoy them and appreciate them. All criticisms are welcome. Thanks from deep in my heart.”


chow025 chow026 chow027 chow028 chow029 chow001 chow002 chow003 chow004 chow005 chow006 chow007 chow008 chow009 chow010 chow011 chow012 chow013 chow014 chow015 chow016 chow017 chow018 chow019 chow021 chow022 chow023


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