Brexit Impact on Fashion Industry

There is no doubt that London is now the best place to shop luxury brands. You can buy here 64% of luxury brand in much lower prices than anywhere else in the world. This situation is clearly because of the low pound value, only from June fell as much 17 percent, which is definitely consequence of Brexit.
What does it mean? Basically the capital of The United Kingdom is the best place to buy Louis Vuitton bags. Why?? Well as Harper’s Bazaar checked for LV Speedy 30 in UK we will pay $ 802, in Paris already 850, and in New York price starts at 970. The most expensive place for luxury brand is China we have to pay for this particular bag, $ 1,115, so you can see the difference.

But like always is newer that good like we think it is. Why?? Companies that import or pay for materials abroad are now facing costs jumping by a fifth as prices of importing, manufacturing and sourcing rise. To solve this problem high-street retailer Next, has already confirmed that it will increase prices by as much as five per cent next year.
Next is first brand to officially address the issue, so now experts predict the pressure for other brands to increase their prices will grow over the next coming months.
conclusio: is it the best time for shopping luxury brands??

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