Portraits Of Heroes And Villains Merged Into One Picture

Today we want to share great work of really talented artist. Dada she loves drawing and she is huge Disney fan. Using color pencils she is creating unique designs. This time we are presenting selection of her work, where she took the pure and honest good of cartoon characters and merged them side-by-side with their villain counterparts. Dada admit that she wanted to draw pure, honest, "good" characters that have an evil side or a villain. More: Instagram Post udostępniony przez d a d a (@dada16808) 17 Mar, 2017 o 6:00 PDT...

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The Coughing Billboard

New year, new resolutions? How many of them are from last year and the year before?? I will lose weight, read more, quit smoking....well never happen?? The new interactive billboard in Stockholm will try to help you with this last one. The billboards are equipped with a smoke detector, and If it detects smoke a movie is being started with someone coughing. The billboards are placed in various Swedish cities strategically placed where people usually smoke. The coughing billboard is Apotik Hjärtat idea and goes around many European websites.  ...


Yana, Two-Faced Cat

Yana is adorable 'two-faced' cat. Thanks to her very unique facial markings, she has won an army of social media fans. Since her owner is posting on Instagram regular photo updates, Yana gained 28,000 followers. Yana sweet face is half black and half ginger what definitely helps stand out from the crowd. Her stunning social media career started after being adopted by a Belarusian cat lover, Elizabeth. For more visit @yanatwofacecat  ...


Paper Beetle Sculpture Kits by Assembli

Assembli, a dutch brand just released this colorful trio of beetle models featuring the Atlas beetle, Hercules beetle, and Stag beetle, all in different shapes and in a number of different metallic colors. Currently available in AsembliShop. The fascinating world of insects inspired Assembli to create a new collection of paper sculptures. Construct the precision cut paper and cardboard parts into a beautiful interior item. All the skeleton parts, wings and body parts are well preserved inside this 3D puzzle kit.       images via Assembli...


The Spitfirelabs And Their Tribute To Retrogaming

The Spitfirelabs is an artist duo, based in Brooklyn. Husband and Wife team with years of work in the visual effects community.  The company was founded in May of 2015 with the intention of producing high quality Laser engraved wood art pieces featuring their eclectic style that covers such mediums as Television, Movies, Video Games, Folklore, Mythology, and Pop Culture. As you can see in their latest project, they are paying tribute to retro-gaming, cult video games and pop culture with a collection of beautiful laser engraved woodwork. Mario Bros,...


Meet TOKIO Your Morning Dose of Cuteness

Who doesn't love adorable puppies and kittens?? Take a look at our selection this time new Instagram star TOKIO, he is 50% French, 50% American, and 100% adorable! TOKIO is a baby bearcoat growing up in NYC. Flooding the internet with cuteness since Aug '16. Here you have your morning dose of cuteness.   via @hello_tokio  ...


Micro Art by Hasan Kale

Hasan Kale is well known Turkish micro-artist. He started his adventure with painting in his early childhood, began his career by drawing miniatures in Istanbul. Artist uses his miniature drawing talent for his paintings, tries to interpret miniature art with a contemporary eye. He paints on things we see,  exposed or ignored in our daily lives like a rice, a nail, a silk cacoon, a needle, a buttterfly wing. Hasan Kale considers these micro-works as a turning point for his career. “Things we usually see can turn into something invisible”...


Giovanna Battaglia’s Wedding

Giovanna Battaglia said "I do" to her Swedish fiancé, Oscar Engelbert. The official wedding of the year and spectacular three-day celebration took place in Capri.       ...

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