Figures Paintings by David Agenjo

David Agenjo is a figurative painter born in Madrid in 1977, living in London. He has lived and worked in many places including: Dublin, New York, Shenzhen (China) and Mumbai. David Agenjo  is self-taught and self-supporting with his painting, a way of life he has been developing professionally for over eight years now. It's clear that he is heavily influenced by color and texture and combines this in “unexpected” ways on his palette. David was always intrigued by almost accidental ways of establishing a textural or color field, so he started incorporating...


Hong Hao – ‘My Things’ series

This Chinese artist has started his photo project in 2001. Hong Hao has been working on this project for 12 years. In Chinese culture, 12 years represents the period of transmigration in cycles of different fates and destinies. This means the process of producing works for this photo project is an assignment associated with one’s life trace. During this 12 years, Hong Hao day by day was putting his daily consumed objects into a scanner piece by piece. After scanning the original objects, he save them in digital forms and...


The Disney Princesses without makeup by Loryn Brantz

Loryn Brantz is a two-time Emmy Award-winning illustrator and design professional. Her client list includes HarperCollins, PBS, and Facebook. She is also an award-winning children’s book author and earned the 2010 Moonbeam Children’s Book Award for Best First Picture Book for Harvey the Child Mime. Loryn Brantz is currently on staff at BuzzFeed writing and illustrating about "stuff and things". Take a look of her recent series "The Disney Princesses without makeup". In humoristic way Brantz raises the matter of the way nowadays Women are seen. "As children we may...


Caroline Andrieu Not Only Fashion Illustrator

Caroline Andrieu is a daughter of French print maker and a Slovakian librarian. She has always been passionate about the print object and was drawn into two cultures. During her studies, her imagination was stimulated by Ingres's classic drawings, surrealism, contemporary art or graphic novels. She gets inspiration from many major sources including contemporary photography or independent movies. After her graduation in Graphic Design from the Ateliers de Sèvres (Paris) and EPSAA, Caroline Andrieu has been the art director of Condé Nast Digital France, for Vogue and GQ websites during...


What Disney’s Animators Were Using to Create Alice in Wonderland

Walt Disney like we all now was far ahead of his time. To bring his cartoon characters in to the life he has used highly innovative techniques for the time, to help his animators to replicate the best body movements and facial expressions. Below you can see how much effort Disney's team was putting to create one of his masterpieces, Alice in Wonderland. Girl that you can see on the photos is Kathryn Beaumont, the actor who voiced both Alice in Disney’s Alice in Wonderland and Wendy in Disney’s Peter Pan....


Stunning Illustrations by Gabriel Moreno

Gabriel Moreno is a Spanish illustrator, graphic designer and artist, based in Madrid. Gabriel is best known for his illustrations in advertising, where his experience and reach is remarkable, in the last few years he has also successfully developed his personal line of art. In his work you can find striking statements about female beauty through graphic and elegant images. Gabriel's illustrations usually are colorful and captivating compositions between feminine sensuality, tattoo and bestiality. His works are comprised of flowing and precise fine black lines, over which he deploys shocks...


Danny Galieote and His Twisted Paintings

Those vintage paintings are created by American artist Danny Galieote born and raised in Los Angeles, California where he has been working out of his studio professionally for over 20 years. He attended several colleges of art, including Art Center College of Design, California Institute of the Arts and California State University Northridge. Today we are presenting selection of retro paintings spiced up with a pinch of a black humor.  visit also facebook / twitter all artwork belongs to @Danny Galieote...


Incredible Paintings by Samantha French

Samantha French is an american artist born and raised in north central Minnesota. She graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 2005. Samantha's current body of work explores the idea of escape, the tranquility and nostalgia for the lazy summer days of her childhood. The series is inspired by Samantha’s own reflections and memories of her childhood summers spent in the lakes of Northern Minnesota. French actively exhibits her paintings and is included in many private and public collections throughout the country while her work has garnered...

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