recycled art by Bordalo II

Artur Bordalo aka Bordalo II is a Spanish artist. He was growing up, watching his grandfather, Real Bordalo, painting the city of Lisbon. Bo [...]

Digital art by Raluca Marinescu

Raluca Marinescu is an Romanian digital painter and concept artist with a thing for portraits. In this serie she captured famous movie chara [...]

hanging out together

What is better than magic captured on the photography? Moment that captured the greatest mind of all time (directors, painters, actress, mu [...]

Michael Kors spring/summer 2015

Another fresh proposition from NYFW. This time one and only Michael Kors. Probably already love him because of his great accessories collect [...]

DALeast – new piece in Berlin, Germany

DALeast is an artist that I already wrote about here. A few days ago he spread his magical lines in Berlin, Germany. The NYC-based gallery i [...]

Her style – Carlyne Cerf De Dudzeele

Spontaneous, honest, energetic! This woman is behind all my favorites iconic fashion editorials. The French born stylist Carlyne Cerf De Dud [...]


Ingredients - 4 eggs – paprika – bacon – cheese – parsley – tomato – salt – pepper Idea for very s [...]

Animal Sculptures by Sean E. Avery

Sean E Avery is an Australian artist and writer-illustrator but also an sculptor, best known from his animal sculptures made from CDs and el [...]

Journey inside the wave by Robbie Crawford

Robbie is a digital artist. On his homepage we can read that has had a love of the ocean since early childhood, what is not really surprisin [...]

J.Crew spring/summer 2015

 I must say that I’m huge fan of this brand. J. Crew womenswear designer Tom Mora admit that this collection was inspired by a recent [...]

Guido van Helten – street art

What we can say about Guido van Helten is that he is definitely a big fan of black and white photography. Guido is a contemporary street art [...]

Trina Turk – Spring-Summer 2015

Trina Turk – oh what a one optimistic lady! I know that in springtime is hard to get depressed, but if somehow you will, her clothes w [...]

Horror in fashion by David Murray

There’s only one time a year that you can look like a monster without consequences. Yes my dear Halloween is coming! Fashion illustrator D [...]

Cityscape by Daniel Cheong

Daniel Cheong was born in Mauritius but currently living in Dubai. He describe himself as Digital Blending freak. He doesn’t pretend t [...]

20 Fall’s Best Bags

Handbag…can you imagine life without it? History of handbags dates back to even the sixteenth century and for centuries resembled a si [...]